What is the REC ProTrust Warranty?

The REC ProTrust warranty is the most comprehensive PV module warranty available in New Zealand and is available to all REC Solar Professional installers. The REC ProTrust Warranty includes:

Through its superior quality standards and impeccable reliability, REC provides an outstanding warranty package to its customers. With the triple 25-year warranty, REC customers are given peace of mind around their PV installation and the generated clean energy and financial savings for a generation or longer. If you’re looking to install solar, insist on REC PV Modules.

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Every week we hear horror stories about consumers and installers being left high and dry without support on grey imported solar and energy storage products. It’s an issue that’ plagues many unsuspecting consumers and causes a great deal of harm. We’ve prepared an FAQ’s document on this topic to help you understand how this business practice can impact you. Click here to view the Grey Imports FAQ’s document.

At Taspac Energy we take our responsibilities as an importer and distributor of high quality PV and energy storage products very seriously.

We believe in doing things right because solar is a long term asset, you need to be confident you’ve got local support when you need it. If you believe your solar retailer/installer is trying to supply you with a “Grey Import” version of the brands we represent, please give us a call on 0800 101 632 and we’ll confirm if it’s the real deal or not.

REC Group’s leading REC Alpha solar panel has won the prestigious Intersolar Award in the “Photovoltaics” category. The Intersolar Award is presented to companies making a substantial contribution to the success of the solar industry, honoring technological innovations and groundbreaking solutions. The Alpha module features an industry leading power output, product and performance warranty guaranteeing 92% power output at 25 years! Taspac has plenty of Alpha stock available in New Zealand for immediate supply.

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REC named as a 2020 top performer in the annual PV Module Reliability Scorecard by PV Evolution Labs (PVEL) and DNV GL.

For the fifth year in a row, REC Group has been named as a 2020 top performer in the annual PV Module Reliability Scorecard by PV Evolution Labs (PVEL) and DNV GL. REC Group earned the “Top Performer 2020” status for its REC TwinPeak 2 Mono solar panels, which are based on REC’s award-wining technology, in four test categories by which the scorecard measures panel reliability.

According to PVEL, they are the leading reliability and performance testing lab for downstream solar project developers, financiers, and asset owners and operators around the world.

Taspac is proud to be the Principal Sponsor of this years SEANZ Conference – Tomorrows Energy Today

Grand Millenium Hotel – Mayoral Drive, Auckland
Thursday 27th & Friday 28th September

The Sustainable Energy Association of New Zealand (SEANZ) in association with Taspac Energy hosts this leading event for technologists, innovators, system integrators, network operators, regulators, decision-makers, manufacturers, supply chain and all electricity system stakeholders who are committed to driving our renewable energy future.

The triple challenges of net zero emissions, resilience through increasingly adverse weather events, and the electrification of our transport fleet demand joined-up solutions. This event provides the place for joined-up thinking.

Thursday 27th September: Professional Development and Technical Training- Free for all of the industry, SEANZ members and non-members alike but you must RSVP

Friday 28th: SEANZ 2018 | Tomorrow’s Energy Today Main plenary day with everything from high-level international and national keynote speakers to local and international case-studies from leading projects and technologies in the sustainable energy space.

There is something for everyone at this event – including members and non-SEANZ members. Learn about the latest developments from major manufacturers, network with colleagues and people from all sectors of the energy industry and hear from guest speakers including our Minister of Energy and Resources – Hon. Dr Megan Woods & EECA CEO Mr. Andrew Caseley.

When is a warranty not worth the paper it’s written on?

The New Zealand Solar PV industry is full of excellent products and solutions backed by reputable local distributors with the support of their international suppliers. At Taspac Energy we deal directly with the manufacturers of the products we sell to ensure we only supply internationally recognized, credible products and solutions from globally recognized and respected manufacturers. This strategy ensures when something does go wrong, we have the support of the manufacturer behind us so that we can support our customer (the installer) who in turn can support their customer – the end-user/consumer. It’s good for all parties involved which makes it great for our industry as it maintains a level of professionalism.

But………what happens when a Solar PV installer sources their products via non-authorized channels and sells them to an unsuspecting consumer? We’ve seen a lot of Solar PV equipment imported into New Zealand from dubious sources, including – non-compliant Solar PV Modules, inverters, racking and EV chargers. We’ve also seen internationally recognized Tier 1 PV Modules hit our shores that were “factory seconds” destined for another market picked up cheap and parallel imported into New Zealand. They look the same as the legitimate real thing but they’re often not designed to survive in our environment. We’ve seen many international solar installers come and go from our market leaving behind a trail of poor non-compliant installations, bad debts and angry customers.

We’re a little unique in New Zealand, our geographical location means we’re susceptible to high salt mist laden air and humid weather conditions, our high volcanic and farming activity means we have higher levels of sulfur and ammonia than many other developed nations. For this reason, a lot of the products that come into New Zealand are manufactured and treated a little differently – this applies to many industries including automotive, steel fabrication, electronics, HVAC and Solar PV.

If you’re a consumer looking to have Solar PV and/or Energy Storage installed it’s important you choose your installation company and PV/Energy Storage Solution wisely. Ask yourself this question: “If I can only drive one vehicle for the next 20 years, what vehicle would I choose to invest in?”.

A Solar PV/Energy Storage System is a significant investment – in some cases it costs as much as a vehicle and it has to remain in service, constantly used every day, exposed to the elements for 20 + years. Ask your installer where they source their equipment from and who holds the product warranty in the event they’re not around in a few years – if they’re not sourcing through the proper local channels, it’s highly likely there’s no local warranty should the installer ceases operation in New Zealand. If they’re parallel importing from our cousins in Australia you have no local protection either. Australia might not seem far away when you pop over to visit friends and family………that is until you have to make a warranty claim on an Inverter, PV Module or Battery supplied from there. At this point you’ll discover that little ditch between our two countries is the most expensive piece of water to freight across in the world – in most cases you’re better off throwing away the faulty item and buying a new one, even though it’s “still under warranty” as most warranties do not cover freight.

There’s a few Solar PV Installers marketing brands that are imported, sold and supported exclusively via Taspac in New Zealand however they’re not procuring them through us. Be aware of these operators and if you’re ever unsure, please feel free to drop us a quick email here to ensure the products you’re being sold are sourced through the correct channels for local warranty support. Alternatively you can call us on 0800 101 632, or for a regional list of our Certified Fronius Service Partners click here.

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