Off grid

As the worldwide demand for power continues to rise along with the price of fossil fuels, Off-grid solar installations are more common than ever before.

We have complete system solutions that remove all the complexities seen in typical Off-grid systems. Our range of Hybrid inverters are designed to meet power requirements in areas not covered by the grid in rural and/or isolated locations. They’re capable of generating AC current from multiple different inputs including PV, Wind, Gen-set and Batteries. The battery controller is compatible with multiple battery technologies and the built in controller optimizes the use of each power source based on priority to meet the load demand.

With Hybrid inverters that range from 4kW to 150kW in a single cabinet/housing (scalable to several megawatts) and preconfigured to be virtually plug and play we take the complexity out of large scale implementations by reducing the amount of hardware, cabling, accessories and installation required in a typical Off-grid installation, lowering the overall turnkey solution price.

With an excellent range of high performance PV Panels and high-energy long life batteries our Off-grid solutions can be custom designed to meet the needs of the most demanding applications.

For more information or to discuss your Off-grid Hybrid solar project in more detail, please contact us.