Energy Control & Water Heating

Elios4you helps you manage the energy from your solar PV. You can make more sense of your energy use and consume more of the energy you generate, which improves the return on investment (ROI) from your solar PV energy. The intuitive, FREE to download Elios4you solar energy app, lets you track and manage your energy at home or on the go, in real-time, without any on-going subscription charges. Elios4you comes with a host of useful features, include remote monitoring, alarm notifications, appliance load control and energy divert – all controlled directly from your smart device. COMPLETE HOME ENERGY CONTROL To get even more value from your solar PV, you can upgrade Elios4you with bolt-on smart controllers to suit your requirements. If you have an immersion tank, you'll make even greater savings with the Power Reducer; the revolutionary intelligent solar PV immersion controller, designed to divert your surplus solar PV energy to provide you with free hot water. The SmartSwitch enables you to prioritise your load requirements to automatically manage and control power hungry appliances from the Elios4you App. With three system types to choose from we have an option to suit almost any PV system and budget.