Salt Water Batteries

NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME. Aquion Energy, the developer and manufacturer of Aqueous Hybrid Ion (AHI) batteries and energy storage systems filed a voluntary petition under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code earlier this month. Immediately preceding the Chapter 11 filing, the Company retrenched to a core R&D team by terminating approximately 80% of its personnel (several of whom have also entered into consulting agreements with the Company to assist in the sale of its assets), paused all factory operations, and stopped the marketing of its products. These moves were made to provide the company with sufficient time to proceed with an orderly process to sell the assets of the company. Aquion is currently working with several interested parties to secure a bidder to purchase all of its assets. The Company then intends to seek approval form the Bankruptcy Court for a competitive bidding and auction process to offer other interested bidders an opportunity to win the right to purchase the assets of the Company. We're confident the Aquion assets will be purchased and the technology will be re-born in the near future, however as a responsible distributor, Taspac Energy has taken the step to purchase additional Aquion stock from our partners in Australia to ensure we have sufficient Aquion batteries available to minimise the impact on our customers. Once this product becomes available again we will update out website. Please check back here regularly.

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