Elios4you Fully Managed System

Elios4you Fully Managed System


Elios4you Fully Managed System

Maximise self consumption with one touch. The Elios4you Fully Managed System includes the Power Reducer and the E4U-S Smart Controller. The system integrates the monitoring of PV installations (Elios4you), the automatic activation of the electrical appliances (Smart Switches), the “thermal storage” of the generated energy (Power Reducer), all managed and controlled by the smart App.

Elios4you comes with a host of useful features, including remote monitoring, alarm notifications, appliance load control and energy divert – all controlled directly from your smart device.

The Power Reducer automatically diverts surplus generated energy to a resistive load (immersion heater) up to 3 kW without importing from the grid, providing free hot water.

When generation is high and self-consumption is low, as standard the Elios4you App will alert and encourage you to take advantage of your surplus energy, run the dishwasher and washing machine to use the free power available. In addition, Elios4you can also form the basis of a more complete energy management system, working with Smart Controllers such as the Power Reducer, diverting ALL surplus energy to the immersion heater for hot water storage.

You now can also monitor and control individual appliances using the SmartSwitch. Be in control of your key appliances, including your car charging unit and use all of your surplus solar PV energy more efficiently. Having the ability to monitor and manage appliances via the Elios4you App, you can set clever logic to turn on or off appliances to your preference, prioritise loads and activate or de-activate directly from your smart device.

As standard, there is an on-board relay switch built-in to Elios4you transmitter and it can be programmed from the Elios4you App to automatically switch on and off a load according to your preferences. The on-board switch can be programmed to activate automatically using surplus energy by defining the threshold settings or on an hourly schedule.

Alarm Notifications: With built in alarms, Elios4you will alert you to any loss of generation from the PV system. If Elios4you detects there is no solar PV generation between the hours of 10:00 – 14:00 (peak generation), the Eliosy4ou App will notify you so you can minimise any loss of income (FiT).

Elios4you can also help in managing your overall energy use; simply set your maximum energy consumption level and Elios4you will alert you when you exceed that limit. Take control of your energy and say goodbye to high energy bills!

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  • Automatically diverts any surplus PV generated energy to immersion element without importing from the grid to maximise self-consumption
  • Provides free hot water and automatically adjusts with household energy demand
  • Configurable from Tablet or Smart Phone
  • App based control provides an intuitive GUI & displays real time energy generation, energy purchased & sold to the grid, real time consumption, consumption by connected device, power diverted to the resistive load
  • Alarm Notifications
  • Program and modify multiple water heating boost periods from the Elios4you App, adjustable by day and time
  • Activate connected loads (heating, pumps, lights) remotely via the Elios4you App
  • Universal: completely independent from inverter and meters
  • Easy to setup: retrofit without any tampering to existing PV install
  • Easy to install: no plumbing skills necessary
  • Available for Single Phase & Three Phase



  • Residential & light commercial electric hot water heating
  • Residential & light commercial electrical load control


  • PR-SA+E4U-S – Power Reducer with Smart Controller
  • ZRSWITCH-RC – Smart Switch 230VAC 13Amp Relay (Optional add-on)


  • Zigbee
  • Wifi


Power Reducer + Smart Controller Brochure

Elios4you Smart Brochure