Elios4you Power Reducer – Wireless

Elios4you Power Reducer – Wireless


Elios4you Power Reducer – Wireless

For express installations, when the immersion is far from the switchboard or hardwiring is not achievable.

Make real savings on your energy bills: with Power Reducer your hot water is free! The Power Reducer Automatically diverts any surplus PV generated energy to the immersion element in the hot water cylinder without importing from the grid to maximise self-consumption.


  • Wireless Energy Meter. For express installation
  • Automatically diverts any surplus PV generated energy to immersion element without importing from the grid to maximise self-consumption
  • Provides free hot water and automatically adjusts with household energy demand
  • Designed for resistive loads such as the immersion heater (up to 3 kW)
  • On-board boost & manual override button
  • External contact input for boost & manual override – allows connecting of third party timer or relay switch
  • Universal: completely independent from inverter and meters
  • Easy to setup: retrofit without any tampering to existing PV install
  • Easy to install: no plumbing skills necessary


  • Residential & light commercial electric hot water heating


  • PR-ZB – Power Reducer Wireless 3kW


  • Zigbee


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