Elios4you Three Phase Control & Monitoring

Elios4you Three Phase Control & Monitoring



Suitable for up to 50kW 3-phase systems, the Elios4you Pro transmitter consists of the main base-unit (for measuring generation and import/export to the grid) with six Current Transformers (CTs) that are bi-directional (for measurement of import/export to/from the grid).

The Elios4you Pro solution is a non-intrusive, easily retro-fitted device that can be integrated into the existing consumer unit or fitted within a dedicated separate enclosure. Three of the CTs measure the energy generated on each phase and the other three CTs measure the energy purchased from and sold to the grid on each phase. The base-unit then accurately calculates the consumption profile on-site, taking into account load imbalances prevalent. This data is then transmitted using wireless (Wi-Fi) technology locally to a smart device (smartphone or tablet) or can be easily configured to transmit the data to the existing broadband router. In this way the system owner has a flexible solution for real-time data on any device, anytime and anywhere!

The Elios4you Pro transmitter has an on-board relay, which can be used to manage a load or appliance on-site, capable of being programmed from the Elios4you App to automatically switch on and off a load according to preferences. The on-board switch can be programmed to activate automatically using surplus energy by defining the threshold settings or on an hourly schedule.

Maximise the benefits of surplus energy with bolt-on controllers to automate self-consumption, including the Power Reducer for microgeneration immersion control. Utilising any excess energy on-site to divert surplus power to a resistive load, such as hot water tank (immersion) for hot water storage. Combining the Power Reducer with Elios4you, users can actively manage and visibly quantify the savings achieved on energy bills, by using up any surplus energy (otherwise exported to the grid).

The Power Reducer, combined with Elios4you Pro, is the only true way to divert surplus solar PV energy to a resistive load such as an immersion heater. By taking into account load imbalances on all three phases, the Elios4you Pro base-unit accurately calculates where there is true surplus energy and ultimately avoids importing any energy from the grid!


  • Three Phase – up to 50kW
  • Automatically diverts any surplus PV generated energy to household loads to maximise self-consumption
  • Provides free hot water and automatically adjusts with household energy demand
  • Configurable from Tablet or Smart Phone
  • App based control provides an intuitive GUI & displays real time energy generation, energy purchased & sold to the grid, real time consumption, consumption by connected device, power diverted to the resistive load
  • Alarm Notifications
  • Program and modify multiple water heating boost periods from the Elios4you App, adjustable by day and time
  • Activate connected loads (heating, pumps, lights) remotely via the Elios4you App
  • Universal: completely independent from inverter and meters
  • Easy to setup: retrofit without any tampering to existing PV install
  • Easy to install: no plumbing skills necessary
  • Three Phase


  • Large Residential &  Commercial monitoring, load control and water heating


  • E4U-PRO-LT – Elios4you Three Phase Controller up to 15kW
  • E4U-PRO – Elios4you Three Phase Controller up to 50kW
  • PR-SA – Power Reducer (Optional add-on)
  • ZRSWITCH-RC – Smart Switch (Optional add-on)


  • Zigbee
  • Wifi


Elios4you Pro Brochure

Three Phase Diagram with Multiple Power Reducers