Freedom Won Lite Marine Lithium Battery

Freedom Won Lite Marine Lithium Battery


The Freedom Lite Marine range from Freedom Won offers the long overdue next generation energy storage with a quantum increase in service life and operational efficiency at a fraction of the life-cycle cost compared to other energy storage options, packed into a compact IP65 marine rated enclosure.

Freedom Won Marine batteries are available in sizes ranging from 5kWh up to 30kWh and can be connected in parallel to easily increase storage capacity.



  • Modular design – multiple parallel stacking
  • 3mm thick Aluminium, powder coated, tamper proof, water proof IP65, corrosion resistant, handles, fixing plates
  • Integrated BMS
  • 52V nominal voltage to suit 48V inverters – compatible with Victron
  • LiFePO4 battery chemistry
  • 10 year warranty
  • 20 year service life
  • -20 – +60deg operating temperature


  • Grid Connected Residential
  • Off Grid Residential
  • Gird Connected Light Commercial


  • Freedom Lite Marine 5/4
  • Freedom Lite Marine 10/7
  • Freedom Lite Marine 20/14
  • Freedom Lite Marine 40/28