REC Alpha Series Black Module

REC Alpha Series Black Module


The REC Alpha Series is a revolutionary hybrid solar panel which unites the leading cell technology to create the world’s most powerful and reliable 60-cell panel.

The REC Alpha Series packs in more energy generation than ever before. With no LID, a leading temperature coefficient and the highest 60-cell power density, it is ideal for the best energy yields and making the most of available rooftop space.

Heterojunction (HJT) cell technology means:

  • No LID = no power loss; you get the power you pay for
  • Stylish aesthetics due to barely visible wires & uniformly black coloured cells
  • Solder free cells reduce lead content by 81%
  • Leading temperature coefficient means more energy as temperature rises
  • Maximum power for maximum savings and accelerated return on investment
  • Its leading power density (217 watts/m²) is ideal to get the most from limited spaces
  • Over 20% more power on your roof compared to conventional panels

REC’s iconic Twin panel design provides superior performance in shaded conditions with the panel split into two sections, reducing internal resistance for more power and reliability.

Promises that the workmanship and materials of the panels themselves maintain their superior quality for 20 years – double the old product warranty duration.

Ensures that your REC solar panels will perform exactly as they are expected to, guaranteed to 92% of nameplate power



  • High module conversion efficiency – up to 19.5%
  • 20 year warranty on material & workmanship – increases to 25 years when installed by an REC certified installer
  • 25 Year Linear Power Output Warranty – guaranteed @ 86%
  • Unique Twin Peak Technology – optimises panel for partial shading applications top and bottom
  • 120 half-cut N-Type cells – 6 strings of 20 cells in series
  • Zero LID
  • 3.2 mm solar glass with anti-reflection surface treatment
  • Super strong frame design – certified to withstand high wind & snow loads (2400 Pascal) and snow loads (7000 Pascal)
  • Genuine MC4 Connectors
  • High salt mist and ammonia resistance
  • Operating temperature of -40°C – +85°C
  • Positive power tolerance of -0/+5%
  • Dimensions: 1675 x 997 x 30 mm, Weight: 18kg


  • On-grid residential roof-tops
  • On-grid commercial/industrial roof-tops
  • Solar power plants
  • Off-grid systems


  • REC315NP Black – REC325NP Black


REC Alpha Black Series Data Sheet

REC N-Alpha Black Series Fact Sheet