Shoto 2V LLC Series Lead Carbon – 300A/H – 1000A/H

Shoto 2V LLC Series Lead Carbon – 300A/H – 1000A/H



SHOTO LLC series lead-carbon battery has been specially designed for Renewable Energy Sources such as solar and wind power storage system, based on advanced lead-carbon technology.

Grid alloy and structure, active material formula, battery case material and electrolyte compositions are optimized, and products conform to the YD/T799-2010, GB/T22473-2008, IEC61427:2005 and IEC60896-2:2004 standards.

Ideal for PSOC cycle applications and can achieve more than 2600 cycles at 30%~90% PSOC. Super quick charge performance, reduces charging time by 50%


8800 Cycles at 20% D.O.D
2600 Cycles at 70% D.O.D



  • Designed service life of 20 years
  • High cycle service life – 2600 Cycles @ 70% D.O.D
  • Excellent deep cycle performance
  • Superior PSOC cycling performance
  • Fast charge performance – reduces charging time by 50%
  • Three year warranty
  • Superior low current discharge performance
  • Better high temperature performance
  • Stronger constant power discharge capability
  • Better charge reception capability


  • Solar energy, wind energy, hydroelectric generation power storage and wind & solar hybrid projects


  • LLC2V-300
  • LLC2V-400
  • LLC2V-500
  • LLC2V-600
  • LLC2V-800
  • LLC2V-1000


Shoto HEL-C Lead Carbon Series Data Sheet

Shoto HEL-C Lead Carbon Series D.O.D Graph