A Wellington based Solar PV Installer recently increased his self-consumption from 29% to 80% by installing our Elios 3kW Power Reducers to control his hot water cylinder.

The system comprises a Fronius Primo 3.0 Single Phase Inverter with Fronius Smart Meter and 2.2kW of Jinko 260W PV Modules. Doug Herbert from Greenco Solutions installed his PV system into his own home in the middle of April, he monitored it for two weeks and on the 1st of May he installed the Elios Standalone 3kW Power Reducer to control his hot water cylinder and heat it by diverting surplus PV generation into the tank while he’s not home.

The result? Doug has increased his average self-consumption from a modest 29% to a whopping average exceeding 80%! Take a look at the pics below for the proof.

Storage is not all about batteries, energy diversion is the most cost effective ways to store your surplus PV energy. If you’re not offering load control and heating solutions as part of your standard Solar PV Solution it’s about time you contacted us to learn about how our Elios suite of products can add some serious value to your customers PV systems. Click here to learn more about the Elios range, click here to get in touch with us.

Credit: thanks to Doug at Greenco Solutions for sharing his system info with us.