Energeno is the latest addition to the Taspac Energy product range. Energeno’s range of home automation products utilises the surplus FREE electricity produced by your Solar PV system whether or not you’re at home so you can run your appliances using this surplus, rather than paying for expensive electricity later on and reducing the amount of energy you export to the grid.

It provides free hot water by proportionally diverting surplus renewable electricity to the immersion heater. It starts heating water from 50W, and it gets its data using current transformers. The solution is fully automatic and can be added to any solar power installation and immersion heating system.

Optismart® Hot Water allows for standard, predictable and repeatable installation thanks to the wireless connectivity between the controller unit and the power throttle. The colour display shows how much electricity is being generated, used and how much surplus is being diverted to the tank

Optiplug is an intelligent socket which switches on your appliances when you have spare electricity. The smart socket learns and understands how much electricity is used by the appliances that are plugged into it. Optiplug then only switches on when enough electricity is available for those appliances, switching off when electricity is no longer free. When more than one Optiplugs are installed, the built-in intelligence prioritises your appliances by power to minimise the amount of switching that takes place. To ensure maximum efficiency of your surplus power, higher power appliances take priority over lower powered ones: a 2kW appliance would switch on first and switch off last and a 300W appliance would come on last and switch off first. The smart activity optimises your use of your own excess generated electricity.

  • Use your FREE electricity when it is available whether or not you are in the house
  • Save money on your bills by minimising the purchase of grid imported electricity
  • One-size-fits-all, can be installed/used with any brand of inverter and panel
  • Maximise returns on your Solar PV investment by knowing how much of your solar power to use
  • Increase the efficiency of your home by using your solar power and still get paid for generating it

Click here to view more information about the Energeno range of products. Alternatively, please don’t hesitate to get in touch direct via info@taspacenergy.co.nz or phone 09 390 2280