Promotion Flyer 5 Plus 5 year warrantyFronius put their inverters through their paces to ensure the highest possible quality standards, and that’s why we’re able to offer a Ten Year Warranty out the box.

Did you know that Fronius tests far more than what is required by national and international specifications? The electrical properties are verified, the inverter’s behaviour on the power grid is tested, the efficiency is measured, and the mechanical strength under transport loads is tested. The behaviour of inverters is also tested in tough environments to demonstrate how the devices react to various environmental conditions such as water, dust, salt, and temperature.

We want you to relax in the knowledge that a Fronius inverter is a high quality inverter, built to last. However, we understand the importance of a robust warranty for peace of mind, which is why we are extending our 10 year warranty on all Fronius SnapINverters until June 30, 2018.